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Want to contact me?

Thank you for your interest in getting in touch. I receive a lot of correspondence including many requests, which I appreciate. It would facilitate our interactions for me to receive some basic information up front. Please include details about what exactly you are asking me to do, what the time commitment is, the timeline of the involvement (if not a one-time event), compensation when applicable, the logistics associated with travel when applicable. And please clarify by when you'd like to hear back from me. I'd also appreciate receiving links to information about you and/or your organization/event online so that I can learn more. You can reach me at

You may also find the details below helpful depending on why you are reaching out.

  • Requesting a press interview
  • Inviting me to referee a journal article
  • Inviting me to review grants
  • Inviting me to participate on a project
  • Requesting an interview for a class assignment (including journalism classes)
  • Asking for input on your study/paper
  • Asking me to be on your dissertation committee
  • Requesting a copy of the syllabus for one of my upcoming classes
  • Asking to join my research team/become a PhD student/postdoc in our program
  • Asking for survey items I have used
  • Interested in reprinting one of my articles
  • Interested in publishing one of my photographs
  • None of the above


    I am happy to and often talk to members of the press. I do not give "email interviews", but if you know your questions in advance, please feel free to send them along in the message and then we can see whether we are able to hop on a call to discuss your questions. When getting in touch, let me know what outlet you are writing for, when the piece is expected to appear, and the phone number where I can reach you. You can reach me at

    Inviting me to referee a journal article

    As a journal editor, my time for refereeing is very limited as I spend related efforts on the submissions Journal of Quantitative Description: Digital Media receives. I also sit on about a dozen editorial boards and those journals take priority. Accordingly, it is unlikely that I will be able to review a paper for your journal or to recommend alternate reviewers unless I submitted a paper to it in recent years.

    Inviting me to review grants

    As a member of the National Research Council of the Swiss National Science Foundation, I regularly assess grant applications so I have to decline reviewing for other agencies.

    Inviting me to participate on a project

    I am happy to learn more about your related work and if it matches my current interests then I will be happy to discuss details with you. When contacting me, please share information about the project and specify what exactly you would want my contribution to be, who are the other participants, travel requirements (if any), amount of compensation (if any), and any other information you deem helpful for my understanding of your project. Reach me at

    Requesting an interview for a class assignment (including journalism classes) that requires interviewing a researcher

    I'm afraid I am unable to be interviewed for class papers (whether this is a journalism class assignment or not). There is much information about my work on my Web site and elsewhere online, please consult those materials to find answers to your questions about my research.

    Asking for input on your study/paper

    If you are contacting me for help with a research project, be as specific as possible about what work you have already done on the question and what it is exactly that you are asking from me. I am unavailable to do your literature search and literature review for you so please do not contact me with such requests. If you are a student then be sure to let me know the name and email address of the instructor of the class that relates to your question or the name/email address of your advisor. Also be sure to specify your institution if you are not writing from your official university address. Email me at

    Asking me to be on your dissertation committee

    If you are asking for help with your dissertation work, unfortunately, due to my existing commitments to junior scholars in my research group, I can rarely join additional committees. If your project is very close to my work and expertise (e.g., digital skills), however, I may be able to participate. Please send details about your study and what an external committee member is required to do including any need for travel and if yes, who would cover that. Contact me at

    A student requesting a copy of the syllabus for one of my upcoming classes

    I'm afraid I do not make the syllabi for my classes available ahead of time as I keep making edits up to the last minute. Please show up for the first class meeting to find out details about the class. We will go over the syllabus together in detail and you will have lots of opportunities to ask questions in class.

    Asking to join my research team/become a PhD student/postdoc in our program

    If you are curious to know whether I can take you on as a PhD student, a postdoc, or host you as a visiting scholar, unless I am advertising for a position, there is usually not an opening in my group, even if you can provide your own funding. There are possible exceptions, however. If you familiarize yourself with my research and writing with specific ideas that fit well into the themes we address in my group then collaboration may well be possible. You can get a sense of this work by looking at our recent publications. If you see a direct link between our work and interests then contact me at

    Asking for survey items

    I am delighted to hear from researchers interested in similar topics as I am, and I am happy to share survey instruments such as my Internet skills measure. This skill item has been documented in published papers (see Hargittai 2005, Hargittai 2009, and Hargittai and Hsieh 2012). If you cannot find the questions of interest then please be specific in your query when contacting me. Simply stating "please send me your survey" is not sufficiently informative as I have administered numerous surveys over the years with many hundreds of questions so in order to be helpful, I need to understand your specific question. Contact me at

    Requesting to reprint one of my articles or a portion of one of my articles

    Before contacting me about reprinting one of my articles, please be sure to check with the original venue about their copyright and reprint policies. When you contact me, please specify the title of the work, the original venue, where and when you plan to reprint it, and if it is only a segment then exactly what material is of interest. Please also clarify compensation when available. Email me at

    Requesting to use one of my photographs

    Many of my photos are published under Creative Commons licensing (usually granting permission to republication for *nonprofit* purposes, but check the individual photos for specifics). If you are interested in using one of my phorographs as a for-profit entity then contact me with information about the exact photograph of interest (include a link to the picture) and the amount and type of compensation (does not necessarily have to be monetary) you propose. For books, I usually ask for a copy of the final publication. Send me a note at

    None of the Above aka Other

    As with all other categories above, the more information you provide including why I am the relevant person for your query, the more likely I am to consider your request and to respond to your email. Email me at

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