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December 31, 2002

In this issue: Happy New Year! Web site recommendations: "Best of 2002"

Today, I list some "best of 2002" lists I've found online, some are better than others, I share all of them because it's interesting to see what types of tops people bother to assemble.

Thanks, as always, to those who helped me find this stuff.

Hungarian tradition has it that the first thing you should eat in the New Year is lentil soup for good luck. In case you'd like to join in on this tradition, I've posted the recipe below:

All the best to you and yours for the New Year! (To my readers in Asia, Australia/NZ, sorry this is a bit late.. we're a bit behind in some things in the US...)'s Best of the Web 2002

Top search terms in 2002 (I'll post a blog entry about this in a few days),1284,56861,00.html

Timeline of the Free Online Scholarship Movement (including some of the main events in 2002)

Top Ten Web-Design Mistakes of 2002 (via amusing cartoons)

On Target and Off in 2002 - the most overrated and underrated ideas

The Year in Film (from the American Prospect)

The Year in Pictures by the New York Times

Top Ten Stories of the Year on ZDNet UK (IT news),,t269-s2127901,00.html

Interesting inventions in 2002

A Celebration Of Business Innovators And Ideas

What's Missing From the Year's Top Religion Stories?

Writers who died in 2002

Today's quote: "When one door closes, another opens. But we often look so regretfully upon the closed door that we don't see the one that has opened for us." -- Alexander Graham Bell

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December 27, 2002

In this issue: Web site recommendations: IT/security/references

I'll be sending out an issue with "top XYZ of 2002" lists next week. If you know of any such interesting compilations, please send me pointers.

Thanks to all those who contributed!

As We May Think - the 1945 article by Vannevar Bush

WWW - the beginning and now (nice class project by a college senior)

How the Web Will Change Campaigns (written by a friend of mine)

Considering starting a Weblog? Here are some pointers (not technical, content based)

A profitable corner of the Web: online personals sites,1367,56940,00.html

Consumers Finding Ways to Zap Telemarketer Calls

AOL Patents Instant Messaging & some commentary on it

ResearchBuzz - news and information about search engines and databases

Pirated sites - originals and copies

Blogs of PhD students

Software for interactive online forum

Google fun summarized on one page (I've posted links to most of these, but it's nice to have them all together in one location)

Careful with Flash files

collecting information on those who collect information about you & update on this,1283,56860,00.html

Increased security check at airports - tips for packing luggage

A nightmare airport security story

Social networks references in Spanish

Expecting a Laugh Boosts Stress-busting Hormones

An example of the types of random information available online: Episode lists for over 2000 US TV shows

The nutritional value (yeah, right) of fast food chain foods

Lego sculptures (this is the guy's full time job, neat) - see image list on right hand side

Today's quote: "There is no place I know that compares to pure imagination." -- Roald Dahl, Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

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December 21, 2002

In this issue: E-LIST is one year old Web site recommendations: from E-LIST archives

One year ago I sent out the first issue of E-LIST and I'm very glad I did because it's been a blast. I can't quite say why I like to do it so much, but it's a lot of fun and useful too (it's useful for me and some of you have let me know that you find it helpful as well which is a pleasure to know). Recently at a job interview I was telling someone about my tiny journalistic background. We were talking about my academic interest in communication research and I noted how at one point in my life I was also interested in the day-to-day of journalism. In addition to the various school publications I'd worked on, one summer I also worked as a reporter at a big Hungarian daily. I decided that it was too stressful on a day-to-day basis and coverage of topics was necessarily too superficial for my interests so I did not pursue it. The person listening to me talk about this noted that I haven't completely given up on it though as per my list and blog. I thought that was an interesting point. Thanks to the way we're using new technologies, it's been possible for me to pursue my journalistic interests, broadly defined, in some way.

Thanks for joining me on the ride, you're a great readership!

Some of you sent me pointers to your favorite links from E-LIST issues. Here I share these picks adding some of my own. I'll be sending out a new list in a few days. Thanks for contributing, you know who you are!

The Internet Archive: Way Back Machine pick a Web site and see what it looked like years ago

Digital Divide and Libraries: Equity and the Internet - a bibliography

Is your email being filtered without your knowledge?

Weblogs: a history and perspective

Blogosphere: the emerging Media Ecosystem

Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies (syllabi, book reviews, etc.)

Mailing lists related to Internet research

SocioLog - Sociology references, departments, organizations and much more

Creative Commons - a non-profit to help those who "do not want to exercise all of the intellectual property rights the law affords them"

The Free Expression Policy Project - on copyright & free expression, media literacy, media violence research and much more

Pew Internet and American Life Project reports (fully available for free online)

Visualizing Internet industry partnerships

Who Owns What - what the major media companies own

a critical look at entertainment giant Clear Channel which owns stations with a total of 103,000,000 listeners in the U.S. and 1,000,000,000 globally & a Salon article on them: Radio's Big Bully

"Do the conflicts of interest of our highly concentrated media constitute a threat to democracy?"

Visualizing Internet Topology at a Macroscopic Scale

The Censorware Project

Evaluating the Quality of Information on the Internet

Staying Safe Online

'Have an Excel puzzle you can't solve? Post a query on this board. (people were amazingly helpful and got back to me within minutes)

WordNet - "a lexical database for the English language" - it not only gives definitions and extensive lists of synonyms, but also links words together via a web of semantic relationships - very cool

Common Errors in English

NameBase - great examples (graphical and otherwise) of social network analysis

The Dvorak Keyboard - for a healthier and quicker typing experience & Online course for teaching yourself Dvorak

Tips on Academic Professionalization

Metamorphosis: Transforming the Ties That Bind Communication Technology and Community Program

Hard-to-find Apple software and hardware (plus donation program info)

Women: The Shadow Story of the Millennium

Distinguished Women of Past and Present

If Men Could Menstruate (great little piece I read in my sex and gender course in college that I was happy to find online)

For young women, pass this on: GYN101

Sex Slaves in Europe

Prison Sucks - Research on the crime control industry

You Are a Suspect

WHY: Art about the attack on the World Trade Center & Pentagon

Chocolate Exhibition at the Field Museum in Chicago - I saw this a few weeks ago, it's open til 12/31

You probably already know about the Internet Movie Database ( ) for anything and everything about movies, but did you know there's a similar site for Broadway shows? Internet Broadway Database

The MegaPenny Project - visualizing large numbers

The Comic Book Periodic Table of the Elements - neat

Today's quote: "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. Don't complain." -- Maya Angelou

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December 17, 2002

In this issue: your E-LIST favorites? Web site recommendations: IT/misc

In a few days E-LIST will be a year old. I'm curious what sites readers have found most interesting/useful/intriguing. If you have a moment, please look through the E-LIST archives and send me your favorite links. I will redistribute these in the next issue. The archives are here:

E-LIST (and E-BLOG entries) should be back on a more regular schedule from now on.

And now onto some links:

Transforming Enterprise - "First International Conference on the Economic and Social Implications of Information Technology"

Where do letter searches lead to on Google?

Google vs Evil

Limits Sought on Wireless Internet Access & my thoughts on this:

Two new free online scientific journals

A conference on spam filtering

Record the Lens That Records You,1848,56185,00.html & World Sousveillance Day

Computer scientist takes on Congress

CFP: graduate student conference in the History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science, Technology and Medicine

What's In a Name? Perhaps Plenty if You're a Job Seeker

Arts & education = better math scores

The Heavy Cost of Chronic Stress

Wal-Mart Resells Donated Toys

Another donation site, just click

Music from commercials

A Guide to the Lesser-Known Movie Ratings :)

Interesting signs (funny even if created with an editor, that part is unclear)

Today's quote: "The most wasted day of all is that on which we have not laughed." --Sebastien Roch Nicholas Chamfort

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November 30, 2002

In this issue: Web site recommendations: IT/health/politics

In addition to the usual IT links, there are quite a few links to political material below. Is this issue too long or too dense? I welcome your feedback, as usual.

I'll be on the road for the most part until the 20th but hope to be back on track regularly responding to emails, compiling E-LIST and adding to my blog after that.

Happy Hanukkah! (see my graphics greeting here: )

Thanks to all those who contributed to this issue!

The Freedom of Imagination: Copyright's Constitutionality "In some parts of the world, you can go to jail for reciting a poem in public without permission from state-licensed authorities. Where is this true? One place is the United States of America."

Telling All Online: It's a Man's World (Isn't It?) (reminder NYTimes articles require free registration)

Walker in the Wireless City - Wi-Fi in NYC

Death by Spam - The e-mail you know and love is about to vanish

"Do the conflicts of interest of our highly concentrated media constitute a threat to democracy?"

Who does TiVo think you are?,,SB1038261936872356908,00.html

Postcards from Planet Google

CFP: Special Issue of the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication The Form and the Feel: Combining approaches for the study of networks on the Internet

GuideStar - The National Database of Nonprofit Organizations - provides hours of fun looking up the financial records of nonprofits (note the privacy implications for those listed: publicly available SSN)

Audits and Surveys of State Freedom of Information Laws

Tech Women Experience Power Surge

Visa Suit: Dictionary Discredited "the first time a corporate trademark has prevailed over a word in the dictionary",1283,56432,00.html

Grant for research on music in America

The New Old Slavery "The trafficking of human beings is a polite phrase for slavery..."

WHO Report Details Global Violence

Military Spending: U.S. vs the World, FY'01 & FY'03 Discretionary Budget

Treatment of Israel Strikes An Alien Note "a visitor [..] would [..] come away with the conclusion that the Earth is a peaceful and fair planet with only one villainous nation determined to destroy the peace and to violate human rights"

Judging Judaism by the Numbers "For too long, the health of Judaism has been defined largely by numbers."

USDA closes meat packing plant "violations [..] for allowing feces to contaminate beef carcasses",1413,36%257E33%257E994589%257E,00.html

White Poison: The Horrors of Milk - it would be great if people could point me to some more related material (e.g. how hormonal treatment increases milk production in cows across countries, etc.)

The BGH-Cancer Connection

Vaccine against HPV-16, a virus linked to cervical cancer, appears effective

The Sons Also Rise

How George W. Bush is related to 16 other US presidents

The Successor Generation - American Politics as Family Business

UK Watchdog Pulls Plug on Bush TV Ads

Testing if drink is safe from drugs

A Word of the Day Keeps Banality at Bay

Idiom Site - find out why you say what you say

The Dialectizer - Convert English text to any of several comic dialects :)

Today's quote: "For 45 years of the Cold War we were in an arms race with the Soviet Union. Now it appears we're in an arms race with ourselves." -- Admiral Eugene Carroll, Jr., U.S. Navy (Ret.)

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November 16, 2002

In this issue: comedy club in NYC Web site recommendations: IT/refs/fun

I took some time off on Monday and went to the Boston Comedy Club in New York with a good friend, it was great fun. Although the Web site says there is a cover, they are so desperate to get a few peope in on a Monday night that they'll wave that fee with a flyer they give to everyone who passes by. There's a two drink minimum, but it's completely reasonable. It was interesting to be at a show with such a small crowd. If you're super-shy you may not enjoy it as everyone gets picked on over and over again, but I thought it made the experience that much more amusing. I'm sure you'll never guess what theme comes up when a male and female friend sit together and say they're not on a date.:) Monday is their New Talent Showcase which worked out really well. If you're interested in trying out your talents, you, too, can become part of the show. Check out the details here (and let me know if you try it out, I want to be in the audience!):

On a completely different note, Thanksgiving is approaching in the US. Last year I cooked a full meal (minus the turkey) which was a lot of fun. Pictures of the dishes and pointers to the recipes are here in case you're looking for some ideas:

And now onto site recommendations, thanks to those of you who sent me links!

You Are a Suspect - if you will click on just one link in this issue, this should be the one

How Free Are We? - a quiz

Descriptions of some fascinating projects by Warren Sack & his Conversation Map: An Interface for Very Large Scale Conversations

The Information Society in Switzerland - 130+ page report free online (in French) (in German)

Information Research (free online peer-reviewed journal)

Kuro5shin - for discussing technology and culture, a great example of a popular ongoing peer review system

How Stuff Works - descriptions of cell phone, automobile engines, toys...

HTML code for special symbols (math symbols, currency, etc.)

London's Privacy Falling Down,1848,56152,00.html

The Social Life of Paper

The Sociology of the Arts Network of the European Soc Association & CFP: New Trends in the Sociology of the Arts - some fun with Google

Statistical Resources on the Web Internet stats in particular

Half-A-Million March in Anti-War Rally in Italy

The First National U.S. Survey of Women's Childbearing Experiences

The Big Cartoon Database

First Gov for Kids (includes a Treasure hunt game)

Remember Lego Star Wars Trilogy? Here are some other stories via Lego

A nice description of the game Go

Grad Student Deconstructs Take-Out Menu :)

Today's quote: "Reality is the leading cause of stress among those in touch with it." -- Lily Tomlin

Recently on Eszter's Blog: "Fast Food Nation" at Princeton "Please leave the plane, we can't close the door with this many people on it" More on mixing computer science and social science Success! Scientific fraud Computer science and the liberal arts See them here:

November 6, 2002

In this issue: schedule update/ASA section name change Web site recommendations: IT/misc/fun

After a few days of relative calm here in Princesstown (emphasis on relative), I'm off to various places in the next few weeks and probably won't be sending out much on the list. Among other things, next Sat I'll be in Philly for a seminar on Measuring Search Behaviors: Current and Proposed Methods sponsored by the Special Interest Group on Information Needs, Seeking and Use of the American Society for Information Science and Technology. That should be interesting, it's great to talk to people who've been struggling with similar methodological issues.

Also, hot off the press is that our work has paid off in changing the name and mission statement of the American Sociological Association's Section on "Sociology and Computers". The new name is "Communication and Information Technologies". I'll post a note on the new mission statement on my blog later today. Please spread the word to sociologists (and others who may be interested), and join the section! Thanks to Keith Hampton (MIT) and Anabel Quan Haase (Toronto) with whom I worked on this.

This E-LIST issue is a bit longer than usual to make up for the absence.:) Enjoy, and please do keep sending pointers my way. Thanks to those of you who have!

Does Search Engine's Power Threaten Web's Independence?

To the Liberal Arts, He Adds Computer Science - Brian's great!

Global Media Journal & its section for graduate student research in particular

When Interfaces Kill: What Really Happened to John Denver

The Cranky User: Could you repeat that? & here's a great little shareware editor that allows such cross-file actions and takes less than ten minutes to learn - I highly recommend it! & some pointers on how to use it when writing for Stata

Riding along with the Internet Bookmobile

Where Net Luminaries Turn For News

Tomorrow's Professor Listserv - info on faculty development

Blog to Court: Check Your Facts,1283,56126,00.html

Word Up: Keeping Languages Alive,1284,54345,00.html - on online dating

The First Smiley:-)

Do Women Lack Drive? Or a Wife?

On Profit, Loss and the Mysteries of the Mind - about Danny Kahneman's work (this year's Nobel laureate in Econ)

Sheila Wellstone Became a Respected Voice in Her Own Right

Academics against attacking Iraq

Scientific Fraud Found at Bell Labs & some brief comments on this

Mass Mailing Attacks Lesbian Candidate

Ads on Police Cars

The Phrase Finder

The effects of college exams on the life expectancy of grandmothers :)

Spank Bush

Today's quote: "If you want to make enemies, try to change something." -- Woodrow Wilson

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October 31, 2002

In this issue: Web site recommendations: IT/misc

I guess I wasn't kidding when I said E-LIST would be out less frequently this Fall. I've been extremely busy working on my job talk and starting campus interviews for an academic position. Things are quite exciting. I'm also happy to see some results emerging from my data. I'll keep you posted as I write up the results.

Happy Halloween! (If you have suggestions for a simple yet funny/imaginative costume, let me know, I need it for a party this weekend.)

And now on to the links, thanks to those who contributed!

ResearchBuzz - news and information about search engines and databases

Documentation of Internet Filtering Worldwide

Google Excluding Controversial Sites My comments on this:

IT related book reviews (I think I've posted this before, but it's constantly updated AND check out the great new site design)

The Global Diffusion of the Internet Project

Software discounted for schools and non-profits

Study: Few Women at the Top of Media Companies

Love Online - Digital Renaissance

Stand Down: The Left-Right Blog Opposing and Invasion of Iraq

Homeland Security Posters

The Nigerian Nightmare - Who's Sending You All Those Scam Emails?

Some examples of people conning the con-artists: In this one, the guy gets the scammer to email in Pig Latin: This guy managed to get $3 from the would-be scammer:

Prison Sucks - Research on the crime control industry

Prime Time Gets Real With a Plump Heroine

Contractor Meat Market,3959,394981,00.asp

26-yr photo timeline of a family - neat idea

The History of Daylight Savings Time

Calendars Through the Ages

Am I President or Not?

Info on chocolate, candy and gum

Today's quote: "Give a man a fish and you have given him a meal; teach him how to fish and you have given him a livelihood." -- Chinese proverb

Recently on Eszter's Blog: Google censors sites Shawn Colvin concert in Princesstown Usability glitch at EWR A visitor I'm still here... The Nobel Prize keeps giving (Literature) Nobel Prize down the hall Cool software See them here:

October 10, 2002

In this issue: Nobel Prizes Web site recommendations: IT/vision

I'm extremely busy with work, but have been a bit sidetracked yesterday and today with the exciting Nobel Prize announcements for Econ and Literature. See my comments on my Weblog: .

And now onto links, thanks for sending interesting material my way!

Law School in a Nutshell, Part 1 - how to read a legal document

Information technology: Trojan Horse of information overload

School tool eyes students' Web habits

Wireless Coupons on Phones' Horizons - can't wait:(

Week in Review: Tech Tricks

Today's Kids are More at Home on the Web than with a Book - some of this is a bit silly but some of the tidbits are interesting

Literacy in America

Social Insecurity - a good little political ad

Study Doubts Breast Self-Exams Cut Deaths - but are the costs of doing them so high? Is the idea to cut costs by eliminating related public education?

Lavatory and Liberty: The secret history of the bathroom break

Migration Information Source

Bridges of the 19th Century

Causes of Color

Pigment Through the Ages

Checkershadow Illusion - incredible, do check this out!

Today's quote: The same poem segment as last week but a preferred translation: "... and, going to school, on the sidewalk's edge along the way, I stepped on a stone, I did, so as not to recite that day - here: see this stone, from up there? try as you might, you can't; to show all this fine detail - there is no such instrument." -- Miklos Radnoti, written in 1944 a few months before his death

Recently on Eszter's Blog: The Nobel Prize keeps giving (Literature) Nobel Prize down the hall Cool software Regulate electronic whoopee cushions! The online trick or treat experience Another Google game Internet Problems for the Public Interest Hello goodbye Clicking frustration Making sense of proposed gadget regulation See them here:

October 4, 2002

In this issue: Web site recommendations: IT/misc

It's been a busy week with trips to both DC and NYC. TPRC ( ) was great, as usual, I hope people will consider going next year, I'll keep you posted of CFPs.

Thanks to all those who contributed, you know who you are!

The New Jersey Ethicist - very funny.. probably not just for those living in Joysee

Digital Consumer - protecting fair-use rights in the digital world

The Right to Tinker

Nu Shortcuts in School R 2 Much 4 Teacher

MIT's courseware online for free

Internet Society close to win of ".org" domain

Have you helped a spammer today?

Safe at Any Speed: How To Stay Safe Online if You Use High-Speed Internet Access

Ekit - HTML editor as Applet (I haven't tried it but looks interesting)

Georgia School Board OKs Alternatives to Evolution & some good commentary on it:

Islamic architecture

Do Men Pant for Anna K. Because She Loses?

For a laugh, albeit a sad one

For more laughs: The World's Funniest Joke -- Official

Another Google game (a pretty simple idea, but nice little interface) Googlewhacking was much more interesting though

Today's quote: From one of my favorite Hungarian poems, a timely quote in times of war: "and on my way to school, by the kerbside to postpone a spot-test one certain morning, I stepped upon a stone: look! there's the stone whose magic the pilot cannot see, no instrument would merge it in his topography." -- Miklos Radnoti, written in 1944 a few months before his death

The full poem is here: Although no translation will capture the original:

Recently on Eszter's Blog: Another Google game Internet Problems for the Public Interest Hello goodbye Clicking frustration Making sense of proposed gadget regulation Smiling Marx Book sales See them here:

September 20, 2002

In this issue: gallery show in Princeton Web site recommendations: IT/women/art/chocolate

As luck would have it, one of my favorite Hungarian artists, Istvan Orosz, will have an exhibition at a local Princeton gallery. I encourage those of you in the area to come to the opening reception (Fri & Sat Sept 27 & 28th) or check out the show some other time before October 24th. For more info, see the gallery's page here: . For more examples of the artist's work, see (be sure to click on the thumbnails for larger images).

And now on to a batch of URLs, thanks for contributing!

Free the Mouse free bumper sticker I got my own! See it here:

Internet Filtering Software Wrongly Blocks Many Sites

The Recording Industry is Trying to Kill the Goose That Lays the Golden Egg

No more laptops on planes?

Phones Join File-Sharing Revolution

Caught in the Kid Porn Crusade

Visualizing Internet Topology at a Macroscopic Scale

Worm attacks Linux servers

Anonymous $1 Million grant To Test Copyright Laws

In Greece, use a Game Boy, go to jail

A guide to key user experience differences between M$ Windows and Mac OSX

Microsoft Warns of Theiving Word Docs

Canadian Business School's Journal Opts Out of Print and Onto the Internet

Sisters Speak Out: The Lives and Needs of Prostituted Women in Chicago. A Research Study. (requires Adobe pdf reader)

"Shadhika is a non-profit U.S. foundation whose mission is to assist needy women, children, and their families in India to acquire shelter, education, health care and employment by providing selective financial assistance to social service agencies in India."

One Hundred Years toward Suffrage: An Overview

The Literature Network - "over 300 full books and over 1000 short stories and poems by over 90 authors"

Gallery or Mathematical Art

Chocolate Lovers Get It While You Can;cid=573&ncid=757&e=1&u=/nm/20020912/od_nm/chocolate_dc

Today's quote: "It's hard enough to understand art. But it's almost impossible to understand critics!" -- Professor Jim Henle, Math 101: Mathematics as Art (Smith College)

Recently on Eszter's Blog: Closed due to illness Journalists and academics Selective Google blocking in China Free books online, copyrighted or not A really good conference Free the mouse sticker is here! Google block in China - the plot thickens Gadgets galore Patterned parking lots, hanging trees See them here:

September 8, 2002

In this issue: from EBLOG to ELIST Web site recommendations: IT/misc

Unlike others who either keep a mailing list or have a blog, I maintain both and have kept the two fairly separate. I realized there is no reason for that. I'm now including more links on my blog without necessarily adding extensive commentary (although I still prefer that) and I will also start including direct pointers to some entries on my blog in these links lists. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this.

Happy New Year! See my greetings here:

Thanks to all those who contributed!

Sept 11 Digital Archive

9/11 Web site changes, know of any?

AOL Capitulates, Gives Up Struggle For `Open Access'

The Great Telecom Implosion

Google blocked in China my brief comments on this:

NameBase - great examples (graphical and otherwise) of social network analysis

Living in the Blog-osphere

Free the mouse!

Online World Timeline

Digital Photos Give the Police a New Edge in Abuse Cases

IBM launches Web-enabled washing machines on college campuses

An inspiring engineer/artist

Yahoo usability glitch

CFP - Eastern Sociology Society: Sociological Success Stories

Reconcilable Differences What it would take for marriage and feminism to say "I do"

New York City - Remember Rebuild Renew & comment from the NYTimes: The Downtown We Don't Want

Breast Cancer Blog

The Stress and Health Study (Whitehall studies)

Things You Wish Your Computer Had... :)

Dictionary of medical eponyms

Shana tova with some spice (be sure to click on "AOP" on the right) (requires Flash)

Today's quote: "It's hard enough to understand art. But it's almost impossible to understand critics!" -- Professor Jim Henle, Math 101: Mathematics as Art (Smith College)

Recently on Eszter's Blog: Patterned parking lots, hanging trees Shana tova - take II Yahoo usability glitch 9/11 teddy bears? Shana tova Seeking gadgets "Remembering 9/11" searches Google blocked in China The art of listening Memories Happy August 31st! Here a blog, there a blog, where's the blog?!

See them here:

August 30, 2002

In this issue: a note on list volume Web site recommendations: IT/history of computing/misc

E-LIST may appear a bit less frequently in the coming months. The academic job market is now in full swing and I am also finishing my dissertation. So in between looking for a job and doing my work I'm left with less time than usual on other fronts. Do keep sending interesting links my way! And as always, thanks to those who contributed this time around!

New online journal: IT and Society (all content freely accessible online)

Free dot-tk domain names

List of sites blocked in China

The Special Interest Group on Information Needs, Seeking and Use

Internet Explorer Flaw Can Expose Credit Cards

Control of your PC

Security Flaw in Google Toolbar (should now be fixed via autoupdates)

Apple: Burn DVDs -- And We'll Burn You

Fuzzy Language, Fuzzy Thinking

She Wants P2P for the People - the "Weblog Candidate",1283,54693,00.html

History of the Internet

PBS site to complement "Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires"

Where Old Macs Go Off to Thrive,2125,51231,00.html

Gallery of all Apple/Mac models

Computer Museum of America

Slide presentation on the History of Computers

Tech pioneer recalls how he brought the World Wide Web to America

Take a step back in Web history - what Web surfing was like in its early days

Browse what Web sites used to look like

International Journal for Equity in Health - new online journal

Newspapers reporting same-sex unions

Don't Call Me Mr. Mom! What Not to Say to an At-Home Dad

Rape and Sexual Assault: Reporting to Police and Medical Attention, 1992-2000

Russian information portal on Women and Society

Customs concealment methods re smuggling

Comic about Macromedia Flash

Today's quote: "A Friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of Nature." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Recently on Eszter's Blog: Here a blog, there a blog, where's the blog?! Comic relief Woman from Joysee seeks news Required first year books Nice map Free the mouse! Budapest & the region's floods See them here:

August 22, 2002

In this issue: Budapest and the region's floods Web site recommendations: IT/copyright/misc

Thanks to those of you who've been in touch to inquire about the state of things in Budapest regarding the region's floods. Things seem to be under control and certainly much better than elsewhere. My Mom has sent me some photos that I have annoted and put up here: .

Thanks to those who sent me links!

Scholarships available to attend TPRC 2002 (due Aug 26)

Public to Taste Life Without Its Libraries

Larry Lessig's blog

Ed Felten's blog

Tinkerers' Champion

As Gadgets Go to Class, Schools Try to Cope

The Ancient Art of Haranguing Has Moved to the Internet

Cell Biology - as in cell phones

Hearing is Believing - a potential nightmare?

The Right to Communicate

Internet a-t-il une memoire?,5987,3232--287515-,00.html (in French)

Returning Science to Scientists (book info plus discussion of online publication of dissertations)

Breast Cancer Activism - Moving Beyond the Mammography Debate

For women, pass it on!

Justice Goes Into Hiding "It's time for Texas to admit that the arrests in a drug sting that targeted the black population of Tulia were a travestry."

Sight Unseen "Mike May was blind most of his life until surgery gave him his sight back. But two years later he still can't recognize his own wife."

Stock Market's Slide Hurts College Funds

Zen and the Art of Small Claims

Encounters Witnessed and Conversations Overheard in NYC

American celebrities in Japanese commercials

Top-Earning Dead Celebrities

Today's quote: "Attention is the greatest form of generosity." -- Simone Weil

Recently on Eszter's Blog: Free the mouse! Budapest & the region's floods From Chicago From a different perspective What money can buy... Blank pages, crowded lenses Frenetic fanatics Why Web retail is cool Apple fans beware Smile, your hometown's on camera Interesting business strategy See them here:

August 9, 2002

In this issue: next week in Chicago Web site recommendations: IT/news

I will be at the American Sociological Association's meetings in Chicago next week. I've been deleted from the program for no apparent reason but I will be there and will be presenting my work as originally planned. If you are or will be in the area and would like to meet up, do send me a note.

Thanks to all those who contributed links for this issue!

A list of sites with clueless linking policies

Mac "bait and switch" - a spoof on the Apple Switch ads, great! (scroll down to bottom to see the clip)

Meet the Kings of Spam

R U Ready 4 SMS Mktg?

The blogging craze continues.. what's next?

Media Access - or "the King of Closed Caption"

Telemarketers always use a script: why shouldn't you?

The Heterosexual Agenda

If Men Could Menstruate (great little piece I read in my sex and gender course in college that I was happy to find online)

the ACLU's Terrorist Information and Prevention System (TIPS) Watch & TIPS calls routed to TV Show "America's Most Wanted" (Two years ago, I came up with the TIPS acronym for our department's grad student teaching workshop series (Teaching Initiative for Princeton Socgrads).. I had no idea it would become such a loaded acronym...

UNC Draws Fire, Lawsuit for Assigning Book on Islam

Victory in challenge to abstinence only program

"about censorship and freedom of expression, in Australia and elsewhere"

Could 9/11 Have Been Prevented? or see in brief here:

Your Guide to the Money in U.S. Elections - who gives to whom and how much

Officials Link Foreign Web Sites to Cheating on Exams

Why Is The Sky Blue? (and other science questions)

Children's rhymes

Today's quote: "The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding." -- Justice Louis Brandeis

Recently on Eszter's Blog: Why Web retail is cool Apple fans beware Smile, your hometown's on camera Interesting business strategy iDrive yourHype Book: Fast Food Nation Observing Surveillance Geekiness at Usability experts (and my 15 seconds of fame) See them here:

August 4, 2002

In this issue: Web site recommendations: IT/privacy/the English language

Thanks to all those who contributed!

Symposium on Measuring Search Behaviors: Current and Proposed Methods I went to this last year and found it very helpful and interesting, I hope to be there this year as well

In Antarctica, a Distance-Education Student Worries About His Internet Link

script for mass download of Yahoo Groups messages (I haven't tried it but looks potentially useful)

How to read email headers

On Sergey Brin, cofounder of Google

News from the free online scholarship (FOS) movement

Does anybody still use 3.5 disks? (may be helpful to have the drives around to access old work) (click on the link that appears after clicking here)

Close Watch - is Times Square as anonymous as you thought?

What Is Operation TIPS? - scary

How to publish articles in academic journals

Common Errors in English

The Best of British - The American's Guide to Speaking British

Neat new approach to crossword puzzles

Extreme Survival Quiz - read it for ideas on what to do in difficult situations

elgooG (Google backwards for the backwardly challenged)

Another one on people who clearly have a lot of time on their hands (click on the link that appears after clicking here)

Today's quote: "You don't have to like me for who I am/ but we'll see what you're made of by what you make of me." -- Ani DiFranco

Recently on Eszter's Blog: Interesting business strategy iDrive yourHype Book: Fast Food Nation Observing Surveillance Geekiness at Usability experts (and my 15 seconds of fame) Public on- and offline - take II Happy Birthday A good interviewer Proposed social science PhD requirement: live in another country See them here:

July 28, 2002

In this issue: Web site recommendations: IT(blogs)/news/references

Lots of thanks to those of you who sent me links!

Net Users Try to Elude the Google Grasp

How Big Media Missed the Big Story

AOL Absorbed by the Media Giant It Took Over

A Death for Yahoo! Internet

A thorough review of various blogging software tools, a good place to start if you're thinking about launching your own blog

A much shorter piece on setting up your own blog

William Safire's On Language on "Blog"

Are You Blogging Yet? Web Journals Could Have Business Value

A Conversation With The Inventor Of Email,,11979_1408411,00.html

Interview With Social Network Researcher Valdis Krebs (a nice little intro to social network analysis)

UNDP Human Development Report 2002

Paix et Liberte exhibit - all posters available online

Skin Cancer 101 for summer days

I.R.S. Loophole Allows Wealthy to Avoid Taxes

NYC's environmental violation tickets are being processed in Ghana

Periodic Table of the Elephants & Index and map of all donkeys/elephants in DC

Gadgets from the 80s

"A searchable directory of images, visualizations and animations of the Earth" - breathtaking!

Big postcard collection

A Predictable Funding Disaster - on the state of library funding & Constrasting view: The Web didn't kill libraries. It's the new draw.

Help for solving crossword puzzles (in English) - sophisticated search engines

Today's quote: "The publication of poor science is easily rejected by good periodicals. Solid and reliable, but mediocre papers may have the safest sailing through the peer review process. It is noteworthy how often people find it difficult to have their (eventually) Nobel Prize-winning papers accepted for publication in the most prestigious journals." -- for more (e.g. examples of this) see Istvan Hargittai, The Road to Stockholm

Recently on Eszter's Blog: Geekiness at Usability experts (and my 15 seconds of fame) Public on- and offline - take II Happy Birthday A good interviewer Proposed social science PhD requirement: live in another country Going pro Archive while you write See them here:

July 22, 2002

In this issue: Web site recommendations: IT/networks/art/misc

There are fewer IT links in this issue than usual, but hopefully the other material makes up for it. (I'm too busy with my dissertation right now to keep up with everything as much as I'd like to..)

Thanks to all those who sent me links!

Is your email being filtered without your knowledge?

The End of Free - chronicling free to fee and beyond

Convert pdf documents to html in seconds, just enter the URL

Something to consider when you're contributing to an online public discussion or "How public is public on- and offline?"

Oxford Internet Institute Visiting Professorship in e-Democracy

Meet the N*ger*an E-Mail Grifters - it seems numerous people actually do fall for those spam emails,1284,53818,00.html

Academics Fired 'For Being Israeli'

Who Are You Calling "Ms."? - on the origins of Ms. vs Miss, Mr, Mrs, etc.

'Collegiality' as a Tenure Battleground

Same-Sex Marriages Must Be Recognized (Canada)

Account of Punjab Rape Tells of a Brutal Society

Bioterror Policy Questioned

Don't Make English Official Ban It Instead

Static electricity is a suspected cause of a reported increase in gas station refuelling fires (since this is starting to circulate, here's the Urban Legends version)

Small Word [sic] Network

Luciferous Logolepsy - "Dragging obscure words into the light of day"

Earth From Above (exhibitions going on this summer all over the world including Budapest, Berlin, Chicago, London, Montreal, Beirut)

Cuban Heritage Digital Collection - photograph collection

Fine Arts in Hungary - over 2700 images

An interactive museum exhibit - interesting

Today's quote: "Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working." -- Pablo Picasso

Recently on Eszter's Blog: Proposed social science PhD requirement: live in another country Going pro Archive while you write Protecting your - and others'! - email from spam How public is public on- and offline? HTML, please Great Excel advice or Does anybody need a dissertation topic? Random sampling See them here:

July 14, 2002

This issue featured a note on Protecting your - and others'! - email from spam available via Eszter's Blog

July 12, 2002

In this issue: Web site recommendations: IT/galleries

Thanks to all those who sent me suggestions!

Mailing lists related to Internet research

Reconceptualizing the Digital Divide

Sites Bow To Microsoft's Browser King

Le reseau Indymedia en proie a des derives antisemites,5987,3236--284019-,00.html (in French)

Road Signs for Vagabond Computer Users (require free NYTimes registration)

'Have an Excel puzzle you can't solve? Post a query on this board. (people were amazingly helpful and got back to me within minutes)

A Digital Library of 18th And 19th Century Journals

How One Spam Leads to Another,1284,53617,00.html

Deep Link Foes Get Another Win,1283,53697,00.html

Search Engines and Legal Issues

True Majority "Give us two minutes a month, we'll give you a better world." It will be interesting to see how far this can go.

Educause Considers Letting More Colleges Use '.Edu' Addresses

Common-Place Special Issue on the Constitution

Are Girls Really as Mean as Books Say They Are?

Parcels From U.S. Come At High Cost - beware w/mailings to EU

US Census Bureau Facts for Features - random facts about holidays and special observances (e.g. $ value of fireworks, flags US buys/sells)

Molecular Expressions: Silicon Zoo

Conference on Witnessing (at Princeton, open to the public)

Adventures in Reflective Surfaces: The Mirror Project - very neat Be sure to check out the Galleries:

Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America

Art Museum Networks News

Today's quote: "Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot; others transform a yellow spot into the sun." -- Pablo Picasso

Recently on Eszter's Blog: Great Excel advice or Does anybody need a dissertation topic? Random sampling I spoke too soon! - Cell phone telemarketing take II Pondering Privacy @ Pool Parties Spam hell at a new level 100! Donkeys and cows Do email vacation messages spur more spam?

See them here:

July 6, 2002

In this issue: Web site recommendations: IT/surveillance/creativity/news

Thanks to all those who sent me links!

New Chips Can Keep a Tight Rein on Consumers (as usual, NYTimes requires free registration)

Metamorphosis: Transforming the Ties That Bind Communication Technology and Community Program

Hackers on Planet Earth - conference in NYC July 12-14, 2002

All Eyes Are On You - scattering your digital DNA,12543,260388-1,00.html

Observing Surveillance - interesting and scary

Supermarket Cards: The Pricing Issues & check out their entire site Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering

Now That Ringing Cellphone May Be a Telemarketer's Call

Library's Journals Come With Hefty Prices

Creative Commons - a non-profit to help those who "do not want to exercise all of the intellectual property rights the law affords them"

Talk about creativity, this looks neat

Textbook Publishers Learn to Avoid Messing With Texas (compare this to all the critique communist countries would get about controlling their curricula; also, note that this censorship affects not only history, but environmental studies textbooks as well)

Falling Prey to the VeriSign Beast - are you paying too much for your domain registration?

Gender and Technology: Research, Revisions, Policies, and Consequences

More Women Taking Leadership Roles at Colleges (mostly about Princeton)

Good commentary on the reactions to the Pledge of Allegiance ruling

Bush Sets Religious Litmus Test for Judges

Debate Over the SAT Masks Perilous Trends in College Admissions

Arab Human Development Report - Creating Opportunities for Future Generations

A Girl Gang-Raped By Order Of Tribal Jury; Appeals For Help To Human Rights Organizations [Editorial comment added 7/11/02: that link no longer works, here is another with similar content: ]

Country links - for basic stats about dozens of countries

a friend's photo album from Gay Pride Washington DC (anyone have NYC?)

On hot summer days, try a bowl of cold cherry soup to cool you off (thanks to my Mom for this great recipe!)

Behind The Name - The Etymology and History of First Names (I'm impressed, it even recognizes a bunch of Hungarian names)

Famous Monkeys Through History :)

Today's quote: "If you want to make enemies, try to change something." -- Woodrow Wilson

Recently on Eszter's Blog:

I spoke too soon! - Cell phone telemarketing take II Pondering Privacy @ Pool Parties Spam hell at a new level 100! Donkeys and cows Do email vacation messages spur more spam? Humor & dissertations Creativity Book: Nickel and Dimed Watch your ATM! - and how to get back... Google's limitations

See them here:

June 29, 2002

In this issue: academia how-to's

Today's issue will mostly be of interest to academics although I think it may be revealing to others as well to see, for example, why dissertations take so long to finish and to gain some understanding of academic life in general. Once I'll be a prof - do send those job announcements my way!:) - I will be interested in running a professionalization seminar for students. There's quite a maze out there regarding the particularities of conferences, journal submissions, dissertation stages, etc. The tiniest things can become big hurdles for students that prevent them from getting their work out there and meeting people. Explaining and discussing the specifics can help navigate the jungle. I've been extremely lucky with the mentoring I've gotten here at Princeton (and at NYU and Smith) but it shouldn't have to be based on one's luck with having great advisors and peers. So please pass these links along to all those who may need some advice in this realm. I've set up a separate page with these links for easy referencing. I'd be happy to add other resources, so do send them my way. This is a fairly short list, but just a few good resources will cover a lot of the basics.

Networking on the Network: A Guide to Professional Skills for PhD Students

PhD - First Thoughts to Finished Writing

Dissertation Proposal Writing

Tips for Successful Writing Groups

Guidelines for Writing Abstracts (for conference submissions)

Advice for Undergraduates Considering Graduate School

Notes on Organizing Conferences

And for some fun: 11 Reasons Why Writing A Dissertation Is Harder Than Having A Baby 150 Things Not To Do (Or Say) At (Or For) Your Thesis Defense

Today's quote: "Any fool can know. The point is to understand." -- Albert Einstein

June 27, 2002

In this issue: E-LIST stats Web site recommendations: IT/news

Since the last issue, the number of E-LIST subscribers has surpassed 250. Judging from the email addresses - and what I know about some people - subscribers are from well over a dozen countries representing all continents. Academics are in the majority, but there are people from non-profits, gov't, private sector and people cover a wide range of professions. If you are a subscriber and we don't know each other, feel free to send a note of introduction. At this point, I know nothing about over 50% of subscribers and an additional 10-15 percent I only know from correspondance since they have signed up for the list. I welcome feedback and links, as always.

Thanks to all those who contributed!

The Broadband Difference: How Online Americans' Behavior Changes With High-Speed Internet Connections At Home

Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about Google

Art, Technology & Intellectual Property (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

What are people searching for online?

Spam: An Escalating Attack of the Clones (No new solutions, but a good overview of where regulation stands. Also, silly comment: "Spam requires a technology solution because it is a technology problem" hmmm...)

Next Stop on the Local: The Weblogs of Borough Hall (NYC blogger map)

FBI Begins Visiting Libraries

Using Technology in the Qualitative Research Process

Journal of Medical Internet Research (fully accessible online)

Suits Say Wal-Mart Forces Workers to Toil Off the Clock & social critic Barbara Ehrenreich offers an illuminating in-person account of working at Wal-Mart in her book Nickel And Dimed - my thoughts on it:

Pro-Islamic Hackers Join Forces

Women's Rights: Why Not?

Islamic Bloc, Christian Right Team Up to Lobby U.N.

Children, Gay Parents and Synthetic Storms

The New Suicide Bombers: Larger and More Varied Pool

Sleep deprivation as bad as alcohol impairment when driving

Spotting Breast Cancer: Doctors Are Weak Link

Senate Victory on Access to Abortion for Women in the Military How did your senators vote on this?

Join the Planned Parenthood Action Network

Immigration in Europe

Judges Ban Pledge of Allegiance From Schools, Citing 'Under God' (I will tell you that as a 9-year foreigner in US schools, it was way weird to have to start every one of my days with this..)

Create a customized South Park character :)

Today's quote: "Believing in something just because it is popular is lazy. Believing in something just because it's unpopular is lame." -- Alison Greenwald

Recently on Eszter's Blog: Book: Nickel and Dimed Watch your ATM! - and how to get back... Google's limitations Play: Placebo Sunrise (& The Tipping Point - take III) "Linking prohibited" aka clueless about the Web The Tipping Point - take II Glimmer of hope on the privacy front

See them here:

June 20, 2002

In this issue: book recommendation Web site recommendations: IT/humor

My father's new book is out on The Road to Stockholm: Nobel Prizes, Science and Scientists (Oxford Univ Press, 2002). The book relies on over 150 interviews by my father with famous scientists, 70 of them with Nobel Laureates from across the world. My father (who is a chemistry prof) looks at what goes into people winning the Nobel Prize (the focus here is on the three science prizes: chemistry, physics, physiology/medicine). The book should be of interest to those curious about the prize, about the sciences, and the sociology of science and knowledge. Although my father does not claim to present a sociological analysis of the phenomenon, he inevitably discusses some features of the prize process that are less about meritocracy and more about social factors such as the importance of social networks. For more info on the book, check out its Web site. The site also features over a dozen pictures that are not part of the book. One way to think about this book is as a "manual" on how to win the Nobel Prize.:-) No guarantees though.:) Enjoy! (PS. Any thoughts on how to get the book into bookstores would be appreciated!)

And now on to some other site recommendations. Thanks to those who sent me links!

Yet another search engine with a neat new visualization method, but in this case the search query is presented graphically

Internet use in France (inequalities similar to those in U.S.),5987,3226--281314-,00.html (in French)

a critical look at entertainment giant Clear Channel which owns stations with a total of 103,000,000 listeners in the U.S. and 1,000,000,000 globally & a Salon article on them: Radio's Big Bully

How Google Searches Itself

Amazon vs. eBay (two Princeton alums head-to-head),1643,13851,FF.html

Consumer Groups Target Software

How anti-virus software companies are making up virus threats

Browser Wars Aren't Coming Back long URL has been hidden, click here to access the page

Testimony of Nancy J. Victory, Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information, NTIA, Dept of Commerce - On ICANN Governance

Competition Is Heating Up for Control of .org Domain

Fighting Nazi and Anti-Semitic Material On The Internet: The Yahoo! Case and Its Global Implications

Some interesting graphs of int'l movie imports long URL has been hidden, click here to follow the link (in French, just follow links, pictures will speak for themselves)

Creating a Life - Sylvia Ann Hewlett And The Myth of The Baby Bust

Kenneth Snelson's art - sculptures, panoramas, computer images and more

Class on partnered living :-)

The Dubya Chronicles - GW cartoons

The Little George Bush Gallery of Contemporary Political Art

Human Clock (if you don't want the details of the site, just go directly to )

Today's quote: "Any fool can know. The point is to understand." -- Albert Einstein

Recently on Eszter's Blog: In Memoriam: Danielle Drumke, Smith College Class of 1995 Book: The Tipping Point From thought to drawing Computer/video games Internet measurement hardships

See them here:

June 13, 2002

In this issue: Web site recommendations: IT/soc/photography/art/fun

Thanks to all those who contributed!

comScore Nabs Media Metrix & my comments on it: Internet measurement hardships

How Much Information? - "an attempt to measure how much information is produced in the world each year"

Treemaps for Space-Constrained Visualization of Hierarchies (free software for personal/educational uses)

The Free Expression Policy Project - on copyright & free expression, media literacy, media violence research and much more

In Remote Town Mexican, Internet Brings Higher Education To a New Class

the Internet in Brazil

Request for Proposals: Governing Global Electronic Networks: International Perspectives on Power and Policy Volume

Status of Technology and Digitization In the Nation's Museums and Libraries

Economic Sociology - European Electronic Newsletter

United States Institute of Peace Dissertation Fellowships

Special Issue on Digital Photography e.g. Every Picture Still Tells a Story, but 'Family Album' Is Redefined

I recommend the Cannon Digital Elph series (especially S110, S200) & see notes on my gadget recommendations (and warnings)

Art Crime - an index of art vandalism (once you've entered the site, scroll to the right for more entries)

fifteen credibility street - e-zine (I once had some art in this:)

Mildred Wirt Benson, author of Nancy Drew books dies,11617,724688,00.html

Making Money Make Change - I don't know if this is relevant to anyone on this list, but just in case..

Getting Mom Onto the Internet :) - this was especially amusing after all the in-person observations I have conducted

The Case for the Empire Everything You Think You Know About Star Wars Is Wrong

Today's quote: "Worry doesn't empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength." -- Corrie Ten Boom

Recently on Eszter's Blog: Computer/video games Internet measurement hardships In New York this summer Webshop Summer is here On filtering software... P-Rade and other Princeton fun Your privacy.. take II

See them here:

June 6, 2002

In this issue: E-LIST archives Web site recommendations: IT/news/humor

E-LIST now has easily accessible archives. The entire 2002 collection is available here: There's a link to it on the E-LIST main page which is featured in every issue on top. A list of all the quotes featured at the end of each issue is available here:

Thanks to all those who contributed!

Gagged by Google

Blogosphere: the emerging Media Ecosystem

Women in the Information Age

Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies (syllabi, book reviews, etc.)

Privacy concerns & your local phone company

InfoAge Learning Center, Camp Evans, NJ (Marconi's first permanent US lab)

a Digital Divide Report (requires Adobe Acrobat reader)

Call for Papers: Soft Power: Informational Ambiguities and Asymmetries in the Network Age

Networked World: Information Technology and Globalization (conference)

Digital Imagery for Works of Art - a report

On the redevelopment of lower Manhattan in the aftermath of 9/11 - open to your input

Anti-Abortionists Try New Weapon - posting photos and medical records of women from clinics on the Web

Some thoughts on driving (humorous, don't be offended) (requires Flash)

Some dot com humor, based on the writer's own experiences

Crafts from recycled materials,1964,recycrafts_recycrafts,FF.html

Things you'll discover in the new $20 bill (who has time to come up with this stuff??)

Today's quote: "Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you with experience." - from Dilbert quotes

Recently on Eszter's Blog: On filtering software... P-Rade and other Princeton fun Your privacy.. take II "The Future of Internet Regulation" - a conference Classroom projects you shouldn't do... :-)))))) High school students and Web searching See them here: May 28, 2002

In this issue: Web site recommendations: IT/humor

Google Glossary

challenging the Copyright Term Extension Act & updates on Eldred v Aschroft case

Google provides more info than you could possibly wish for (a list of misspelled [britney spears] queries)

Online News Stories that Change Behind Your Back

Police Records For Anyone's Viewing Pleasure

Face Scans Set Up at Lady Liberty [original link expired, this one work, same AP story:

Kazaa Creators Say Lawsuits Too Costly To Continue

Extensive bibliography on mobile phone/SMS/instant messaging

From Cell Phones to Self-Phones

Brazil Considers Mobile Phone Ban

Digital cameras are great, but they give very clunky names to files. Here's a helpful little program to save you time renaming your files: (Windows only)

From the same developer, here's a quick image resizer (extremely helpful!) (Windows only)

Instant photo gallery (runs on UNIX only and requires shell access)

Grants for Researchers in Residence Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology

About a Boy Who Isn't

Ten Tips on Volunteering Wisely

Factual Error Found on Internet :)

"High Tech Humor Served Fresh Occassionally" & some amusing spoof banner ads

Grad student at a conference - in comics

Today's quote: "If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito..." African Proverb

Recently on Eszter's Blog: Cool software Without TV Hurray for the blogging community Escaping Excel (well, not quite..) The future of blogs.. maybe Blog sighting On teachable search engines Protecting your privacy

See them here:

May 21, 2002

In this issue: Web site recommendations: IT/misc

Thanks to all those who sent me links!

A search engine with user-friendly instructions for refining queries and a graphical network representation of results

Teaching a Search Engine (It's a nice idea, but beware of potential misuses, and potential problems of being boxed in to your past preferences. See my comments on this here: .)

Casting a Wider Net - Launch Conference of the Oxford Internet Institute

Digital Divide and Libraries: Equity and the Internet - a bibliography

Landmark Decision in .info Dispute (sure, this is nice, but if the li'l guy's at the other end, s/he still needs a few thousand dollars to start the arbitration process...),,t269-s2110412,00.html

Microsoft Opts Passport Holders into Spam Hell & The Yahoo Privacy Storm That Wasn't

Ode to the Yahoo of Yore - my thoughts exactly

Growing Number Watch TV While Surfing Web,,5941_1122511,00.html

Imagine: World with Unlimited Airwaves

Domain names in Urdu? The potential security risks of intl URLs

Using IT to add a personal touch to graduation ceremonies

Religion Finds Technology

The Last Sociologist

In Pakistan, Rape Victims are the 'Criminals' - and get sentenced to death

A Failure to Imagine - or the need for an "Office of Evil"

Serious health risks associated with air travel,9868,102121,00.html

Cutting Catalog Waste

National Yiddish Book Center Launches "Steven Spielberg Digital Yiddish Library" - saving endangered books

I recommend these two SW sites more than the new movie (Episode II) Lego Star Wars Trilogy & Star Wars ASCIImation

Recently on Eszter's Blog:

The potential implications of teachable search engines Protecting your privacy Movie: About a Boy Movie mistakes My piece in First Monday The politics of human subjects review The disappearance of Geography departments New pics Earthlights identified

See them here:

Today's quote: "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when you grow up." -- Pablo Picasso

May 16, 2002

In this issue: Launching Eszter's Blog Web site recommendations: IT/edu/news

I have started my own blog. A blog (Weblog) is an online forum usually with one main author/contributor who frequently posts his or her thoughts on just about anything or a in some cases just on the specified blog topic (mine is general). Blogs often offer readers the opportunity to post replies to the author's entries (my E-BLOG has this feature). An interesting question is to what extent blogs will become part of the mainstream, that is, are average users going to embrace them as a source of information and as an opportunity to make their voices heard, or will blogs remain the tool of the more Net savvy 24-online crowd? To be fair, there are already millions of bloggers, but that's still just a tiny portion of all users. Then again, even if "only" a few million people publish or read blogs, it may be an important phenomenon depending on who those people are and what they do with the info they obtain from blogs. (We've also seen their possible effect on search engines.) I want to give credit to Greymatter ( ) which is the program I am using for my blog. I wanted a program that I could run on our own servers but that is user-friendly enough not to require intense knowledge of perl or php. This was exactly what I was looking for, it's great! See my blog here: . (the newest entry is on "The politics of human subjects review")

And now on to other links, thanks to those who contributed!

Digital Empowerment Campaign - a bipartisan coalition to support federal technology programs in an effort to bridge digital inequalities (Check out how you can help!)

"A Nation Online" - Who's Not Online and Why It Matters

Top Ten New Copyright Crimes - don't touch that dial!

Google + Amazon + Alexa = a new type of search engine and business plan (some of the info is incorrect, but what's new...) & read about it here:

Global Village Idiocy (or spreading the "I Hate You" virus)

Journal Boycott Over Online Access Is a Bust

Plagiarism-Detection Tool Creates Legal Quandary

Legal information for Internet professionals

The original proposal of the WWW

on student-advisor patent conflicts (an interesting case description)

Why Bad Ads Happen to Good Causes - why public interest print ads miss their target (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Not Only in America: Gun Killings Shake the Europeans

No Big Deal, but Some Dorm Rooms Have Gone Coed

True Blue Americans (how some states are subsidizing others and a note on political representation in the US)

Women in the Marines

Statue Park - "a glance behind the iron curtain"

Art Crimes - graffiti from around the world

Today's quote: "A good teacher is one who can understand those who are not very good at explaining, and explain to those who are not very good at understanding." -- Dwight D. Eisenhower May 9, 2002

In this issue: Web site recommendations: IT/hate/edu/way.random

Paranoia, Stupidity and Greed Ganging Up on The Public & A note on what to do with DVDs that don't let you skip forward on ads

Save Internet Radio - what you can do! & An independent musician's views on all this

Study report on "Use of the Internet at Major Life Moments"

BBC launches net search engine

EU to tax Internet sales (for now, online downloads)

Cracking the Nest Egg (or how safe is your money?)

Staying Safe Online

Business Pros Flock to Weblogs

Shanghai Cybercafes Shut Down

Net Ban Sparks Protests in Bahrain

Columnist for Egyptian Government Daily to Hitler: "If Only You Had Done It, Brother"

Racist Groups Using Computer Gaming to Promote Violence Against Blacks, Latinos and Jews

Feminism Perverted: Extremist Women on the World Wide Web

The Nazism Exposed Project

"Socialism in Europe" vs "Fascism in Europe" class at Swarthmore

Some great senior theses at Princeton (the one I link to here is an amazing dancer and his show was truly wonderful)

Community college adds "cheating grade" to transcripts

Couple donates 450,000 local obituaries to library

The Gallery Of "Misused" Quotation Marks

Today's quote: "Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." -- Yoda, Star Wars

May 4, 2002

In this issue: Web site recommendations: IT/edu/

I know some of you have received the Klez virus coming with my address attached in the From line. My machine is not infected, but the way this particular worm works, it will pick up addresses from an infected machine both to use in the To and From fields of future messages. One way to know that it's not really from me is that this particular worm doesn't seem intelligent enough to add the full name to the From line, and any message you get from me would have my name on it. (Of course, in the future, I'm sure viruses will pick up that info as well as they're harvesting your email, but it seems to be a limitation of this particular one.) In any case, for more info on the Klez virus/worm see here:,1282,52174,00.html & beware, there are other viruses along for the ride with Klez

And now onto other sites:

AOL Replaces Overture With Google

Ordering Groceries in Aisle 'www'

Education Key To Keeping Kids Away From Net Porn & the National Research Council's report on this

Women Who Found Time to Volunteer Their Time - Online Signpost for the Net?

Evolve New York Open Studio: Rebuilding Proposals

ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods

The complex reality of the UN Population Fund and the devastating effects of Bush cutting $34 million from funding it

Sex Slaves in Europe

Even Top Students Feel the Sting of Rejection

A Suicide at MIT

The Four Word Film Review - amusing

Very cool 4 min movie of a building construction (I'm probably biased since I pass this building every day)

Chocolate Exhibition at the Field Museum in Chicago

Trivia: name the book (or movie) given the first line

"All Your Base Are Belong To Us" :) (probably most amusing to self-identifying geeks:)

Today's quote: "And remember, no matter where you go, there you are." -- Confucius

April 27, 20002

In this issue: film in NYC Web site recommendations: IT/misc

For those in NYC and area, I recommend the following film screening tomorrow (Sunday, 4/28) in Tribeca: "Comme Si C'etait Hier" (As If It Were Yesterday) A Film by Myriam Abramowicz and Esther Hoffenberg (Original Music: Neige) 131 Duane St, NYC (b/w Church and W.Broadway - 212-964-4249) Light refreshments served at 2:30pm Film and Q&A with filmmaker Abramowicz following the screening 3-5pm Limited seating - $7.00 "The award-winning 1980 documantary film about non-Jews in Belgium during WWII who hid, placed and saved over 4000 Jewish children often at the risk of their own lives, and which helped launch The Hidden Child decade later in 1994." I saw this a few weeks ago here at Princeton and found it very interesting. Not only does it chronicle a part of WWII events we don't much hear about, but it does so by considering the full range of effects the events had on these children (and on the people risking their lives to save them). (For related info, see The National Center for Jewish Film here: .)

And now on to some links, thanks to all those who sent me URLs.

The Censorware Project

Finding Missing Children, With Technology's Help

Long-Time File-Swappers Buy More Music, Not Less (of course, it would be interesting to see a detailed academic study on this)

Digital-Divide Disconnect

Some figures on Internet connectivity on the continent of Africa

Victims of Lost Files Out of Luck

People don't seem to be interested in M$ Passport and other authentication systems

WordNet - "a lexical database for the English language" - it not only gives definitions and extensive lists of synonyms, but also links words together via a web of semantic relationships - very cool

UNC wins grant to preserve, make public tapes by Seeger, Dylan, other folk singers

Stuff to do with and for kids

House of Blues concert archive (requires free registration and media player) & Ani DiFranco concert

The Comic Book Periodic Table of the Elements - neat

The Worm Project

Today's quote: "Surprise is the essence of humor, and nothing is more surprising than truth." -- Bill Watterson, The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book

April 24, 2002

In this issue: political shifts Web site recommendations: IT/news/misc

With a move to the right in so many regions across the globe, it was a relief to see that in the Hungarian national elections held this past weekend the left won the majority of parliamentary seats. There was a record turnout, an impressive 71% of eligible voters showed up at the polls. 'Thought I'd spread the word that there's some hope in a few little pockets of the world...

Google results via email (nice idea, doesn't always work though)

Characterizing The Competition For Links on The Web

Jeff Bezos' open letter on used book sales & Tim O'Reilly's response & another author against the Authors' Guild

Google protects its search results

Tech visionaries push the Semantic Web - Concept is increased automation capacity

Has Grammar Lost Its Technological Edge?

Kids Crave Easy Surfing,,5901_1009771,00.html

Consumers' Trust In Online Content "Alarmingly Low"

How Microsoft Conquered Washington

Digital Divide Lives, Few People Care

All Net, All the Time - high speed connections just about anywhere

Journey to the Internet's Unknown Regions

WebWhacker 2000 (Win95/98/NT) - for downloading entire Web sites (I haven't tried it myself, saw it recommended on a list.)

Extensive Social Networks Bibliography

Needing Israel

The Angry People

Providing reproductive health services with a ship for women in countries where such services are illegal - quite something!

The alphabet in American Sign Language (will spell things out for you)

Maximizing Nutrition - is the vitamin C in your OJ still there?

The phone numbers of pay phones across the world :) & A NYTimes article describing the project

Today's quote: "I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering." -- Steven Wright

April 15, 2002

In this issue: Web site recommendations: IT/fun misc

Virginia Tech Police Seize and Search a Professor's Computer in Vandalism Case - yikes..

Authors rally against Amazon's online selling of used books

NetViz Module - Dynamic Visualization of Social Networks (requires free registration)

Graphs of global fixed line vs mobile phone users

A ruling that robs the public domain - will linking become a copyright infringement?

Rising Costs of Free Web E-Mail,1367,51701,00.html

Computer Lifeline for Refugees

Deaf Kazakh pupils go online

Pop-up downloads - new online advertising tactics to watch out for

Nanny-Cam May Leave a Home Exposed

Google Provides Scientology Warnings To Free Speech Site

Kid-friendly Domain Clears Hurdle - introduction of

Museums and the Web 2002 (full papers online, click on paper title)

eScholarship Repository - "to store and distribute academic research"

Virtual U. - higher ed simulation game & Seductions of Sim (about SimCity years ago)

The Great American Dollar Bill Locator - ever wonder where your dollar bill has been (even if not.. this is kinda neat)

A comic strip about grad students!:)

Today's quote: "Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as a hard duty." -- Albert Einstein

April 9, 2002 - Yom Hashoah

In this issue: Holocaust Remembrance Day

I just got back from participating in Princeton's 24-hour Holocaust victim name reading vigil. I spent an hour with a friend reading the names of victims of the Holocaust. I added three names of my own. My paternal grandfather was killed sixty years ago in a Hungarian labor camp in the Ukraine. I also made reference to the son of my father's stepdad who also died during those horrible years in Auschwitz. As for my mother's side, her great uncle and several other members of her family perished in Auschwitz as well.

Here are some sites that remember..

The basics of Yom Hashoah

Yad Vashem The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Raoul Wallenberg and the Rescue of Jews in Budapest

Spielberg's The Last Days (1998) - the toughest documentary I've ever seen

Voice Vision - Holocaust Survivor Oral Histories

Today's quote: "Writing isn't an occupation, but a duty. I write as much to understand as to be understood." -- Elie Wiesel

April 8, 2002

In this issue: Some thoughts on Web site recommendations: IT

The other day I needed to look at the various Digital Divide reports of the NTIA so I went to . The site no longer exists. As the "Falling Through the Net" reports transformed into a report called A Nation Online ( ), the URL referring to the divide is also falling into oblivion. Links to the past reports are now available under a new directory "digitalnation" on the site ( ). It's possible to get archives of the site using the Wayback Machine:*/ but if you simply type in you get a page-not-found. (It is possible that this is a temporary glitch, but somehow I doubt it.) This is all in line with the Administration's related proposed budget cuts and some recent commentaries that there is no longer a digital divide problem. But note that although the gap may have decreased in terms of connectivity, or technical access, it's important to recognize that with the Internet, mere access does not constitute effective access to all that the medium has to offer. For more on this, see my new paper on what I call "the second-level digital divide", or the differences in people's ability to use the Web:

Second-Level Digital Divide: Differences in People's Online Skills (some findings from the Web Use Project)

And now onto some IT Web picks:

Federal Retrenchment on the Digital Divide: Potential National Impact

Search Engines Home In - updates on Google and new rival: Teoma

Google's Toughest Search Is for a Business Model

Why Your Phone Company Hates DSL - No DSL in your area? Here's why.

Web Blocking On Trial

Judges end library porn-filter trial on skeptical note

An interesting way to deal with spam (Windows only, I haven't tried it as I use pine in UNIX, but it looks promising for Win users)

Let's Learn Some Lessons About Broadband

Internet Backdoors in Hungary - rise of the Surveillance State

For Mac OSX.1 users: Google search from nearly any application

Security Flaw Opens Ebay Accounts To Hijack

Browsers Beware: Ad Technology Retools Toolbar

NetRadio Gives Up The Ghost, Liquidates Assets

Jerry Falwell files complaint over Web site bearing his name

Today's quote: "Unlike the problem of racial inequality, which pierced the nation's consciousness in the 1960s, the problem of widening economic inequality has not engendered a movement or produced leaders able to focus the public's attention on its moral consequences and its political solutions. Therein lies the real danger." --Robert Reich, Locked in the Cabinet,1997

April 3, 2002

In this issue: Web site recommendations: IT/antique.radios/misc

I am deeply saddened by the situation in the Middle East. I am going to refrain from posting numerous related links on E-LIST as entire lists could be (and probably are) devoted to the topic. I just wanted to point to two pieces that I found helpful because 1. they consider different sides of the issues; and 2. offer some ideas for solutions. Some Thoughts on the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict by Mark Warschauer: The Hard Truth by Thomas Friedman (This piece could do without the "clash of civilizations" bit unless he means by it fundamentalists of any persuasion and the rest of us):

And now onto some site recommendations:

Summer Webshop for grad students (due: Apr 8) - I've posted this already, but I wanted to send another note of encouragement, it's a GREAT opportunity!

The Rise of the E-Citizen: How People Use Government Agencies' Web Sites

'CyberShuttle' Offers Wireless Internet Access to UC-San Diego Commuters beats spammers in court - Spam laws can work, will they spread?

Digital divide policy unplugged: Where do we go from here?

Entertainment Drives Growth in Home Internet Networks

New journal: Information Visualization

Find Internet access location in an area using a zip code

Self-Organized Networks

Open Archives Initiative

Armed With Radar, Civilians Take Aim at Speeders

InfoAge Learning Center, Camp Evans, NJ (Marconi's first permanent US lab)

Antique Wireless and Scientific Instruments

Antique Radios Collectors' Resource

Antique Radio Classified

In times of terror, teens talk the talk - how 9/11 has affected slang

Concert posters, flyers, handbills from around the world

How Network Solutions, Inc. Made Me A Child Pornographer or "But Officer, I Don't Even Have a Pornograph!"

Today's quote: "Society is like a public pool. Most people want it clean and most people piss in it." -- Unknown (I found this years ago and haven't been able to track it down since.. any thoughts?)

March 26, 2002

In this issue: Web site recommendations: IT/misc/Passover

Thanks to everyone who sent me links!

PCMLP Summer School: Legal Responses to New Communications Technologies

Cult Forces Google to Remove Critical Links,,t412-s2107088,00.html & Anti-Scientology Site Re-Listed On Google

Worldwide Internet population estimates,,5911_151151,00.html

Global digital divide gets wider & Report it is based on (exec summary free, full report CHFr.100)

Spam - an article more informed than most - still no solutions though

AOL mail: OK for others, not itself

Pay for Content? Ha, Say Users,1272,51146,00.html

A full-size virtual keyboard projected by light on to any surface

Glove lends the deaf a hand

EBay Drops Proposed Privacy Change

Mona Lisa Goes Online in Louvre Web Site Revamp

Social Science History Association (CFP: Apr 12)

ECSR Summer School: Integrating Sociological Theory and Research

2002 Council of Graduate Schools/University Microfilms International Distinguished Dissertation Awards

MIT vows to counter gender bias & MIT Reports of the Committees on the Status of Women Faculty (updates)

Women fighters in the Civil War

Europeans Opting Against Marriage

Virtual Seder (a nice intro to Passover traditions for those who've never experienced it)

A Humanist Modern Version Haggadah For Passover I compiled this last year and am happy to share it (comes with nice little clip art illustrations:). It's not religious, it's inclusive to both Jews and non-Jews, it includes the orange on the Seder plate for a feminist twist and refers to modern day plagues.

I should note that I got most of the material for it from: A Humanist Haggadah for Passover Introduction & Passover Haggadah for a Secular-Humanist Seder by Peter Schweitzer

Today's quote: "If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." -- Toni Morrison

March 21, 2002 - educational resource links

Special Issue on Educational Resources

This special issue of E-LIST has been compiled in collaboration with CAROLINE PERSELL, Sociology Department, New York University

>> In this issue: data sites & other teaching resources/IT&academia <<

The Social Science Data Network (SSDAN) brings together census data, maps, classroom exercise modules, and much more into a usable format & See also their CensusScope - this is a terrific site

The General Social Survey at the University of Michigan

To see the data the U.S. government collects on various countries around the world, and as a place to have students ask what sociological features of a society are NOT included here

Census data and commentary on NYC prepared by Andy Beveridge at Queens College

The Population Reference Bureau Website

Internet Use Data Archive

Understanding USA - _very cool_ representation of US data (diverse topics)

Various teaching resources (with special focus on teaching Sociology)

Gender and Teaching Evaluation

Long list of Internet related course syllabi

The Plagiarism Resource Center

Anti-Plagiarism Experts Raise Questions About Services With Links to Sites Selling Papers

The Technology Source - journal on IT&EDU

Pricing Changes by Blackboard and WebCT Cost Some Colleges More -- Much More - ridiculous lock-ins

European Distance Education Network

Today's quote: "It is not so very important for a person to learn facts. For that he does not really need a college. He can learn them from books. The value of an education in a liberal arts college is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think something that cannot be learned from textbooks." -- Albert Einstein, 1921, on Thomas Edison's opinion that a college education is useless; quoted in Frank, Einstein: His Life and Times, p.185.

March 18, 2002

In this issue: Web site recommendations: research resources/IT/women/misc

Thanks to all those who sent me links!

Conversation Map - analyzing very large conversations

WebCopier - software for downloading Web sites including their links (I haven't tried it but looks promising for Web site analysis projects)

On censoring the Wayback machine

Google Time Bomb: Will Weblogs blow up the world's favorite search engine?

Googlewhacking now has a whole site

Google's Weakness, AltaVista's Strength

News Web sites: No such thing as a free read

Handheld divice takes picture of text and translates to English

Worldwide cellular sales fall for first time ever

Can e-mail seal a sales deal? Judge says yes

The Growing Vulnerability of Campus Networks

The Intl Federation of Library Associations & Institutions: Position on Copyright in the Digital Environment

Faculty Diversity - Too little for too long

Women's Share at Olympic Competitions Drops

Religious police prevents Saudi girls from escaping school on fire

How a Group of Friends Transformed Women's Health

Soros funded posters encouraging people to go vote in Hungary - progressive although somewhat artificial. (For those of you who don't understand Hungarian:) - they say: "We/They are going to vote. Are you?" Except the one of the skinhead says: "He is going to vote. Are you?"

Today's quote: "Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all -- the apathy of human beings." -- Helen Keller

March 7, 2002 (including good hotel rates)

In this issue: how to get good hotel rates Web site recommendations: IT/health/women/misc

I'm going to be in Boston this weekend, let me know if you're around and would like to meet up.

I'm staying at a 4* hotel for $51/night. I wanted to share how this is possible - thanks to my colleague Conrad Hackett for pointing me to these resources. You may have heard of where you can bid for plane tickets but also hotel rooms, etc. However, how do you know how low you can go? That's where comes in. On this Web board, you will find information about recent bids that did and did not work. Choose your city, district, and type of hotel. You can check for specific hotels and see what other people who have bid recently have gotten for certain dates. It's also possible to save an additional $5 on the reservation (or $10-15 depending on the number of nights you're staying). Just look for "Bonus Money Opportunities", which then has links to a promotional link in to Priceline for an additional discount. Look for something along these lines: "*NEW* $5 Bonus Money for Hotels". And although there's no guarantee that you'll get the hotel of your choice, you will get something in the district you chose of the star quality you picked.

Happy bidding! And if you save a bundle and want to share, just get me a book from my wish list.:)

And now onto some links. Thanks to all those who contributed!

Veteran Internet users: getting more out of it quicker

For Those With a Disability, the Word Made Digital

Stop. Pay Toll. Download. - problems with new mpeg format

Weblogs: a history and perspective

Congress Online Project: Assessing and Improving Capitol Hill Web Sites

I-KNOW: Inquiring Knowledge Networks on the Web - tool for the study of knowledge networks

Censorship cases throughout history

Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography

Making Losers of Auction Winners - need to be careful w/online auctions!

The Century Institute Summer Program (for undergrads, due: March/April)

They Rule - relationships of the US elite (requires Flash)

Contemporary theory trading cards

Tests for Breast Cancer Gene Raise Hard Choices

The Pink-Ribbon Trap - Breast cancer activism has to go beyond simply encouraging women to get mammograms and joining support groups

Women of the West Museum

4000 Years of Women in Science

For young women, pass this on: GYN101

Experiencing 9/11, From the Inside (this Sunday on CBS in US)

World Atlas of the Artificial Night Sky Brightness

Today's quote: "The first problem for all of us, men and women, is not to learn, but to unlearn." -- Gloria Steinem (Smith College:) Class of '56)

March 3, 2002

In this issue: A few notes on geography plus Web site recommendations: meetings/IT/privacy/news

A beautiful picture of the Earth has been circulating online for quite a while now. ( ) Understandably, people attach notes about their own observations to this message. I have now received several that include geographical errors. I find this unfortunate. Yet, I understand that geography education is not the strength of the US educational system. In fact, in a recent conversation with Paul Starr ( ), we realized that an interesting dissertation could be written for someone interested in the sociology of science on the dissappearance of Geography Departments at American universities in contrast to their continued support at European universities (I don't know the situation elsewhere). Anybody have a student looking for a topic?:) Or perhaps there's already a book on this. Pointers would be appreciated.

In any case, to rectify some of the incorrect comments being made about the map, I have created an image that points arrows to specific European cities (where most of the mistakes seem to be focused and where I am most knowledgable about the landscape). There is much more than the specific location of cities to this map, but it would be great if people could at least get those right. See the map here:

And now onto the links.. as always, thanks to all those who contributed!

Graduate WebShop - great opportunity for grad students! (open to students at US univs only)

Oxford Internet Institute Visiting Research Fellowships (due March 15!)

Internet Measurement Workshop 2002 (CFP deadline: May 3)

The New York Review of Books: He's Got Mail (on Sunstein's

Panel's Ruling on Royalties Is Setback for Web Radio Services & " are by default creating a market that is going to be driven only by the major media companies." Some Cheer, Others Fear Net-Radio Royalty Plan

Europe sees Net running out of room

Archives of iMP - Information Impacts Magazine

Who Owns What - what the major media companies own

Ban looms for online racist material (EU news),,t269-s2104766,00.html & Global Net Crime Treaty Hurts Free Speech - Trade Group

Plugging in to Course Evaluation - move college course evaluations online

Defunct Industry Standard Magazine Lives On In Spam

Privacy Group Blasts Ebay In Open Letter To FTC

National ID Cards: 5 Reasons Why They Should Be Rejected

State of Mistrust - South Carolina distributing children's DNA

Worker Accused of Selling Colleagues' ID's Online

Rental Agency Hit for Spying on Speeders

U.S.A. Patriot Registration (parody site, worth a look - and check out the rest of the site as well!)

Today's quote: "War is God's way of teaching Americans geography." -- Ambrose Bierce

February 21, 2002

In this issue: Web site recommendations: IT/Spam/Soc/Refs/Fun

Thanks to those who sent me links!

Microsoft Program Tracks User Info

Europe not sold on Internet at home

AltaVista scraps free e-mail

How the Wayback Machine Works

The Geeks Who Saved Usenet

Not All Asian E-Mail Is Spam - massive blocking of Chinese ISPs,1283,50455,00.html

Spam and web-visible email addresses: Bait a spammer and see the results

What the *&%@!! Are Web Services? (And Why You Should Care.),1653,38028,FF.html

Syllabus on Organizations and Interactive Technologies

paper on "Distributing Intelligence and Organizing Diversity in New Media Projects"

A review of image search engines - how they work, which ones work well

Search Engine Watch Awards Budapest Open Access Initiative & covered here: Boost for research paper access

TV Archive - A library of world perspectives concerning 9/11

Women Internet Researchers

Anti-Telemarketers Send Out A Very Busy Signal

Tips and tricks for a good PowerPoint presentation

The Pink-Ribbon Trap - Breast cancer activism has to go beyond simply encouraging women to get mammograms and joining support groups

For young women, pass this on: GYN101

Enron Chairman Quits to Join Nigerian Firm :)

"Putting the president in the pocket of average Americans since 2001"

Today's quote: "What is hateful to you, do not do to others." -- Hillel

February 17, 2002

In this issue: Web site recommendations: IT/Copyright/Digital.collections/Misc

Thanks to all those who sent me links!

The Global Information Technology Report 2001-2002: Readiness for the Networked World

The Big Rip-Off: Labels Move to Block CD Audio Ripping - was that last CD you bought really a CD?

Entertainment industry's copyright fight puts consumers in cross hairs

All Hail Creative Commons - Stanford professor and author Lawrence Lessig plans a legal insurrection

Big Brother is watching you read

Bush Plan 'Digital Distortion",1283,50279,00.html

Discarded police computer did not have its hard drive wiped - scary

Web survey software - list with some reviews (for those not lucky enough to have their own campus survey facility like ours here at Princeton: )

Politics of the Internet - class syllabus w/lots of links

Communications, Culture, and Society - another great syllabus

Time-sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences

Reading list on org behavior and ethnography in the new economny

Anti-Abortion Group Uses a Web Address Similar to Reed College's

Online Exhibit Explores the History of a Jewish Autonomous Region in Western Russia

Cuban Heritage Digital Collection

Distinguished Women of Past and Present

$75 Million of Stuff - confusion over 9/11 donations

Center for Teaching for Social Justice

LIFE magazine covers from 1936 to 1972 - searchable

Marvel Universe looks almost like a real social network

Let Women Compete for Best Actor

Beloit College Mindset List - an intro for profs to today's college students - amusing and a good reality check

Today's quote: "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen." -- Albert Einstein in E. T. Bell, Mathematics, Queen and Servant of Science, 1952.

9/11 five months later

In this issue: remembering 9/11 on 2/11 - a Web of memories and reflections

I've collected numerous 9/11 related Web sites over the past months and decided to send them out all at once. There are some truly remarkable sites out there as well as informative pieces about the events. While coding one of the files from my research project - a screen capture of a respondent's Web searches - I noticed a graphic that had a rendition of the Towers. I went to the Web site to see if the graphic they have up today is still the same. It's not. This gave me the idea to create a page that shows examples of how the Web has changed from then to now. I haven't had time to add much, but I've compiled a few examples here:

I hope you take a moment to browse through some of these sites, I find it helpful in gaining a better perspective.. of lots of things. -- Eszter

After September 11: Perspectives from the Social Sciences

Archive of 9/11 Web sites

9/11 related photos

WHY: Art about the attack on the World Trade Center & Pentagon

A Wounded City - Photographers of The Times

Manual for a 'Raid' - a note written for the 9/11 hijackers

Softer on Terrorism? Why Bush deserves his share of the 9/11 blame.

Partners of Sept. 11 Victims Denied Compensation

Grandma Helps to Fill the Void Left by Sept. 11

Going on with the Show: Arts & Culture in New York City after September 11

Six Degrees of Mohamed Atta,1640,35253,FF.html

Civil Engineers' World Trade Center Special Coverage

Ten Days in September

In memoriam 9/11

Portraits of Grief - Glimpses of some of the victims of the September 11 attacks

Remembering Mark Bingham of Flight 93

February 7, 2002

In this issue: A few words on the the new Commerce Dept Internet connectivity report Web site recommentation: IT/connectivity/science/plagiarism/fun

Looking for the latest US Govt report on Americans' connectivity? You won't find it at . The report is no longer part of the Falling Through the Net series, instead, it is now titled "A Nation Online". And although differences are decreasing, it's interesting how the change in language is supposed to make all the difference. Of course, this new spin on the topic will help justify the cuts in spending on info tech subsidies.

See executive summary of the report here: full report here (>2MB): & see 'Digital Divide' Plan in Peril, Two Tech Programs For Poor Would Die

All else:

P3P (Privacy Platform Preferences Project) now LIVE - in beta, try it today!

UK Consumers' use of the Internet

Detailed report on UK dial-up Internet market

Not in Finland Anymore? More Like Nokialand

Data available from European "ICT uses in everyday life" project

How the US Congress is regulating high-tech

A Tale of One Man and His Blog,7369,641971,00.html

For the 6th month in a row, our piece (DiMaggio, Hargittai, Neuman, Robinson) on the social implications of the Internet is the most accessed on the Annual Review of Sociology's Web site. Cool. See the article here: (requires subscription, email me if you can't access it but want a copy)

Strange Search Contest (open to US residents only)

Evaluating the Quality of Information on the Internet

APA Style electronic referencing

Did you ever wonder..? - quick answers to scientific questions

Compare the bones of humans, gorillas and baboons - neat

Plagiarism prevention service & Explanation of how the service works

Angered by Snubbing, Libya, China, Syria form Axis of Just As Evil :)

Pointless Games - remember, Eszter's List is delighted to point you not only to the informative and important parts of the Web, but the bizarre and curious corners as well

Today's quote: "Behind every great fortune there is a crime." -- from Pere Goriot by Honore de Balzac

February 3, 2002

Sorry if the header in the last issue was confusing.. viruses were not the only topic on the list of links, I hope people didn't miss the other recommendations. I'll try to be more clear in the future.

In this issue Web site recommendations: IT/Refs/Informed consumer/Fun (remember, the fun stuff's always at the end, don't miss it:)

Thanks for sending suggestions!

Fake sites aim to teach investors a lesson

Blogdex - "moving democratic media to the masses"

AOL blocks instant messaging start-up

Preserving Access to Digital Information (Nat'l Library of Australia)

Asia IT news links (+ pic of 1st Sunrise of 2002 as a bonus:)

FTC Names Its Dirty Dozen: 12 Scams Most Likely to Arrive Via Bulk Email

Return to Normalcy? How the Media Have Covered the War on Terrorism

Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics CFP (due Feb 15)

About three helpful consumer sites that "put the public interest above the bottom line" They are: The Car Place: Theme Park Insider: Consumer World:

Privace of mp3 users at risk - problems with Morpheus

The intellectual property counter-essay contest

How to Be a Leader in Your Field - A Guide for Students in Professional Schools

You probably already know about the Internet Movie Database ( ) for anything and everything about movies, but did you know there's a similar site for Broadway shows? Internet Broadway Database

Where to eat recommendations (across the US and beyond)

Dubyaman - a must!:)

Today's quote: "Do, or do not. There is no 'try'. " -- Yoda (The Empire Strikes Back)

January 29, 2002

In this issue: Some thoughts on computer viruses Web site recommendations: Viruses/

Virus senders are becoming quite clever. The latest one I received had the W32.myparty@mm worm attached. It's like many others, the tricky thing with this one is that it looks like a URL ( so people seem more likely to click on it. In general, don't open an attachment unless the message is personalized enough that you know it was meant for you and you know what it's about. Virus messages - for now - are also not personally signed so one more clue to look for is whether the sender signed their message. If in doubt and you do recognize the sender, send them a reply to request clarification. Personally, I've never had a problem given that I use Pine 3.96 running on UNIX, but I know that's increasingly rare so I thought it was worth a note.

New E-mail Worm Is No Party, Virus-Fighters Say

Symantec's page on the Myparty worm

However, note that before you even think about forwarding a virus warning or other chain message, check here as it's likely to be a hoax

Search Me: Doom ahead for search engines that charge listing fees - this piece summarizes the concerns well, there is just one problem: the author assumes that users know the behind-the-scenes of search engine listings. Unfortunately, I know from my research ( ) that many people still assume that results show up on a list because they are relevant _and_ that the results are an exhaustive list of what's available on the Web. :(

Why doesn't the U.S. appreciate wireless text messaging? It has no standards.

A Riddle: Why Does Netscape Still Exist?,1653,37401,FF.html

Daypop - a search tool for current events (mostly via blogs)

Resume Spamming Brings An Online Backlash

E-mail more likely replied to if sender shares name: study (hmmm.. did we want to give marketers more pointers on this?)

Classical music & the Web

Judge Orders Web Company to Reveal Name of Anonymous Louisiana Professor

Googlewhacking: The Search for 'The One' - quite amusing:) Summarized here: & .. how it gets out of control... Googlewhacking: The Breakthrough

Today's quote:

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." -- Albert Einstein (I'd appreciate help with the origins of this quote.)

January 26, 2002

Thanks to those who sent me links.

In this issue Web site recommendations:

State Web Portals: Delivering and Financing E-service

Talk by Google's Larry Page (requires a media player program)

AOL's Magic Carpet (like M$'s Passport),3658,s%253D701%2526a%253D21110,00.asp

Ben Shneiderman's testimony before Congress regarding national ID system

Global Diffusion of the Internet Project

Interesting and Useful Numbers about Computers

Princeton Economic Sociology Conference

SocioLog - Soc references, depts, orgs and much more

A Harvard Star in Black Studies Joins Princeton confirmed here:

Where tax cuts are hitting hardest

Lubes and HIV - some sexual lubricants may kill the AIDS virus

Software Scours Holocaust Records,1284,47584,00.html

A week of reproductive rights activism

Male-Female Salary Gap Growing, Study Says

The ongoing gender gap in Computer Science (my first publication was in this area, the picture hasn't changed much since, it seems)

Napster reopens as subscription site (now in beta)

Sites people have migrated to from Napster - I learned about these from participants of my study:) That list is to show how many new services there are in this domain, I haven't used any of them so I can't comment, but be sure to read this: Spyware, in a Galaxy Near You,1282,49960,00.html

Australian company buys KaZaa putting music service back online long URL has been hidden, click here to follow the link

Black Hawk Download: Pirated Videos Thrive Online :) Examples: The Taco Liberty Bell - The Left-Handed Whopper -

Today's quote: "The most successful ideological effects are those which have no need for words, and ask no more than complicitous silence." -- Pierre Bourdieu (1930-2002), Outline of a Theory of Practice

Pierre Bourdieu, 71, French Thinker and Globalization Critic

January 20, 2002

In this issue Web site recommendations:

E-LIST hasn't come out for over a week due to some travels. I was in Toronto last weekend and while there got to visit Barry Wellman's NetLab. Anabel Quan Haase was a great host. It's clear why so much interesting work comes out of that group, there's such a nice collegial atmosphere with great people. Amusing observation: only in Canada would you have people at a cafe sit _outside_ to drink their coffee in sub-zero temperatures. This weekend, I went to Cold Spring Harbor Labs to visit my parents who are fellows there for a few months, pics of that visit are here:

And now onto some interesting links, thanks to all those who contributed.

The Man Who Bought the Internet,1640,12301,FF.html

Historic census Web site crashes

Barry Wellman's homepage - copies of many Internet studies papers

The Use of Information and Communication Technologies by Non-Governmental Organizations in Southeast Europe

The Third Shift: Women Learning Online

For Women, to Soar is Rare, to Fail is Human (requires free registration)

Bibliography on community networks

Info on 80,000+ former politicians, judges, diplomats by geography, family, office, demographic characteristics or affiliation - neat

New iMac Armed for Success - if you haven't seen it yet, check it out!,2125,49521,00.html

Hard-to-find Apple software and hardware (plus donation program info)

Sick Tactics: The Anti-Abortion Movement Campaigns on its Latest Ploy

The X-Files - an ongoing series of The American Prospect on issues affecting women

Mac Boxes Make Nice Couches :),2125,49473,00.html

Great 404s of the Web - sick of the same error messages? try these

Today's quote: "Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world." -- Gustave Flaubert

January 11, 2002 In this issue Web site recommendations: monopoly

You'll notice that several of the links featured today are about Web sites discontinuing their free services either by shutting down to the public or by making advertisements more prominent in their business models. There seems to be a major shakeout among big search engines and ISPs. Note, for example, that the UK version of Excite ( ) now redirects to UK Lycos ( ). U.S. Excite isn't completely gone although after InfoSpace acquired it, its search results are no longer powered by its own robots, rather, its results are the same as Dogpile's. Fewer search engines, fewer choices... And if you're thinking "who cares, I use Google anyway", that's nice, but many many people do not.. and who knows what Google will look like in the future...

Upcoming changes in Yahoo - right along the lines of all the work I've been doing on the power of portals in channeling users toward some content and away from others (an updated version of that work should be coming soon:) (requires free registration)

Striving to Top the Search Lists - more on paid ads in searches

Northern Light discontinues free public access to its search engine

Future Uncertain for Feedback Sites

On media monopoly more generally

For visualizing all that's going on: Internet Industry Partnerships: Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures interactive java maplet: - cool! static map:

My paper related to all this on portal power

The Internet's Invisible Hand

Credit Card Cloners' $1billion Scam (w/tips on how to protect yourself) [expired link]

Google's HQ provides blast from Silicon Valley past

Lindows could give Linux life and worry Microsoft

Google calls time on AIMSearch prank :-) !

Today's quote:

"The press and politicians. A delicate relationship. Too close, and danger ensues. Too far apart and democracy itself cannot function without the essential exchange of information." -- Howard Brenton & David Hare's Pravda

January 7, 2002

In this issue: Web site recommendations:

Internet Research 3.0: NET / WORK / THEORY (CFP deadline: Feb 15)

Consumer Information and Price Discrimination: Does the Internet Affect the Pricing of New Cars to Women and Minorities? (requires subscription for some)

JASIST CFP: Soft Power: Informational Ambiguities and Asymmetries in the Network Age (JASIST = Journal of the American Society for Info Science and Technology)

Rise of Internet 'Borders' Prompts Fears for Web's Future & that piece reminds me of an article I wrote a couple of years ago on Radio's Lessons for the Internet

Spam feeding anger on Internet (w/some tips on how to handle email)

Essays on junk email

follow-up to a link last week: Admissions Messages Bounce Back to Harvard, but AOL Says Spam Filters Aren't to Blame

Networking on the Network - for every PhD student in the world

The MegaPenny Project - visualizing large numbers

The Great Buildings Collection

Salon's "Rename that software!" competition results :)

Instead of a new quote today, here's some context for last issue's quote (thanks to Charles Kadushin):

The quote was: "History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives." -- Abba Eban, Heritage: Civilization and the Jews. Summit Books Simon and Schuster, NY, 1984, p. 332.

The context: "The best hope is that the principles that enabled a breakthrough to peace with Egypt will assert themselves in a wider context. Men and nations sometimes behave wisely once they have exhausted other alternatives. In the Middle East outside the Egyptian-Israeli relationship, almost every alternative has been tried; wars, sieges, blockades, cease-fires, armistices, terrorism, oil embargoes, Great Power pressures, Un resolutions. Peace is the only thing that has not been tried. The road seems open for the adventure of peace."

Above the text are two pictures. One, in color, is Sadaat and Begin clasping hands at the White House while Jimmy Carter looks on; the other, in black and white, is a young looking Yasir Arafat.

January 2, 2002

In this issue: About E-LIST content Web site recommendations: in review/Women&Afghanistan First, a few words on what I will and will not post on this list. I have nothing against posting commercial sites as long as they come highly recommended. In fact, I'm quite interested in improving informed consumer choice so I'm very curious to hear about good experiences with online retailers. What I will not post are sites that require plug-ins or programs that are painful to deal with. Example: I will not post anything that only works with RealOne/RealPlayer as that program is intrusive and annoying beyond belief and I am not willing to reinstall it on my machine (it was hard enough to get rid of it completely in the first place) nor do I want to encourage others to have it. If your site has audio content, please make it available in multiple formats or choose one that can be run on multiple players (e.g. .avi). Thanks. Hope the New Year's starting off well for everyone. -- Eszter

20 Yr Usenet Archive - first mention of Commodore 64, MS-DOS, Mac, AOL, IRC, Tim Berners-Lee's announcement of the World Wide Web project, etc.

2001 on the Internet: The Year in Review

The Year in Internet Law (requires free registration)

Number of Web Pages by Language,,5901_408521,00.html

Is Google moving in on Amazon's turf?,4586,5100863,00.html?chkpt=zdnn_nbs_hl

How to kill your spam

Example of problems with email filters (AOL filters Harvard's admissions decision emails)

ACM Computer Supported Cooperative Work 2002 (CFP deadline: March 22)

A Frustrated ACLU Tries to Guide Consulates Through a Thicket

Kabul's Lost Women, Many Abducted by Taliban Still Missing

Humanity Denied: Systematic Violations of Women's Rights in Afghanistan

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan

Today's quote: History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives. -- Abba Eban

December 27, 2001

I would like to wish everybody a healthy and happy New Year! -- Eszter

In this issue: Web site recommendations

IT and Universities in Asia: IT Culture and Language Education (CFP deadline: Jan 15)

Lawrence Lessig Answers Your Questions & The Future of Ideas: The Fate of the Commons in a Connected World & The Future of Intellectual Property on the Internet (debate, Oct, 2000) & Lessig vs Valenti debate revisited a year later (video)

Threat of National ID (NYTimes requires free registration)

Networks and Netwars: The Future of Terror, Crime and Militancy RAND book, fully online

This Year Was the 2nd Hottest, Confirming a Trend, U.N. Says (NYTimes requires free registration)

Sex: Unknown (PBS NOVA on gender)

Women: The Shadow Story of the Millennium

The Men's Bibliography - over 12,000 references

In response to last week's question about other national gov't portals: (in Korean) or (in English) (in Hungarian)

Virtual snowfight, interactive, for winter amusement:) (requires Shockwave)

Talk about interactive.. sounds and images, your pick (after it loads, press letters on your keyboard)

Good Lord of the Rings! - a parody trailer (requires Quicktime plug-in)

Today's quote - a thought for the New Year:

"If we don't change direction, we'll end up where we're headed." -- Chinese proverb

Correction to the last issue's quote (thanks to my Mom): "Research is to see what everybody has seen and think what nobody has thought." (Szentgyorgyi, Albert, Bioenergetics, Academic Press, New York, 1957).

December 21, 2001

Thanks for signing up. I encourage you to send me Web site suggestions and other material that you think may be of interest to others. -- Eszter

In this issue: Web site recommendations

The Internet Archive: Way Back Machine pick a Web site and see what it looked like years ago

Markle Fellowship Program in Oxford for students and faculty

Ethnographies of the Internet: Grounding Regulation in Lived Experience (CFP deadline: Jan 21)

The Information Intelligence Quotient: Assessing Global Information and Communication Systems Development

23rd ISODARCO Summer Course on: Cyberwar, Netwar and the Revolution in Military Affairs - Real Threats and Virtual Myths --> I participated in their summer course three years ago and it was great! It's very interdisciplinary, you can be in any field.

Using E-Mail to Count Connections & Small World Research Project at Columbia

Women in the Global Community, A Fulbright Conference Bridging Academia and Public Policy (CFP deadline: Jan 15)

The world around us.. by powers of ten

Adbusters - spoof ads, both educational and funny

Can't keep up with techie acronyms? Look here for simple definitions

US Government documents portal (I'd welcome pointers to similar gov portals in other countries!)

The Dvorak Keyboard - for a healthier and quicker typing experience & Online course for teaching yourself Dvorak

Haiku Error Messages :)

Today's quote:

"Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different."

--Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (

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