I did most of my art work in Geneva, Switzerland during my junior year in a painting course I took  at the Geneva School of Fine Arts. It was a very interesting, exciting and definitely educational experience. Before then, I had taken an introductory Design course and an introductory Drawing course at Smith College during my second year in college.

My professor was Aldo Guarnera, a Genevese artist, who was very helpful throughout the year and whom I had great discussions with. Last time I saw Mr. Guarnera was when I ran into him at the Parc des Bastions in Geneva one summer.  That was a nice surprise.

Most of these paintings are acrylic on paper.

Their original size is usually several square feet.

Any comments, questions and critiques are more than welcome! Send a note to art at eszter dot com.


Alienation, 1995 

Profondeur (Depth), 1995 

Pot 3, 1995 

Searching, 1995 

Nos jours 2 (Today 2), 1995

Egy kiallitas kepei (Pictures of an Exhibition), 1995

The City, 1994
First one, 1994

The Michelin Man, 1994
A Chorus Line, 1994 (watercolor, 6cmX8cm)

Untitled, 1994

Self-portrait, 1995 (guache on paper, approx. 8.5X10)

Nos Jours 2, 1995

Plan for a sculpture park, 1994 (heavy paper, base: 20cmX15cm)

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